Higashionna Miyagi Monument Translation

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Scot Mertz at the Higashionna/Miyagi Monument in Matsuyama Park, Kume Naha Okinawa

This post is a translation of the Higashionna/Miyagi Monument in Naha Okinawa.  The monument is located in Matsuyama Park (26°13'07.1"N 127°40'36.2"E). What follows is my translation of the back of the monument as well as the source kanji written out. It should be noted that the history on the back of the monument isn't exactly correct, but from my understanding it was kind of based on the information that they had at that time.

Gambatte Kudasai!

Higashionna Kanryo (1853-1917) Born in Nishimachi district of Naha as the 4th son of Kanyo and Makoto. At the age of 20, he left for Fuzhou Fujian Province China and trained in Southern Shaolin White Crane Boxing, he stayed in China and trained for 15 years. After returning Kanryo opened a dojo in1889. This is the oldest karate dojo for the Naha-te style.

The "hands" of Naha became popularized due to his efforts. Some of the important lessons for those who train in karate is how to act properly in society, how to perform the art and way of karate, and most importantly spiritual refinement.

Miyagi Chojun (1888-1953) Founder of Gojuryu Karate-do. He was a highly respected “bujin” and was the second generation of Naha-te after his instructor Higashionna Kanryo. Like his teacher, he also traveled to China to seek out instruction. He continued where Higashionna Kanryo sensei left off to spread knowledge of the Naha-te system. In 1930 he registered the Gojuryu name, by doing this he was the first to ever name his own ryuha.

- All of the secrets of Gojuryu are found in the kata.
- The goal is to achieve harmony by the practice of Gojuryu karate.
- Through training in Gojuryu one is able to seek a high moral character.

Constructed in 1987

Source Kanji from the back of the monument
东恩纳寛量先生(一八五三∼一九一七) は那覇西町に父寛用母真鹤の四男として生れる。 二十才にして中国福建省福州に渡り南派少林拳术白鹤拳を十五年间修行し、一八八九年 那覇に空手道场を开く。これは空手道场としては最も古きものなり。那覇手とは先生が 中国より帰国後自ら修行せし白鹤拳を基础とし、那覇を中心に普及した「手」を伝える ものなり。训には、唐手を修行するものは社会の为になれ、唐手は术も必要なれど道も 必要である。即ち精神が最も大切である。

宮城長順先生(一八八八~一九五三) ハ剛柔流空手道ノ始祖 テアリ (武士) ノ名ヲ冠サレイ ル印一武人トシテ空手道史ニ特肇サレイルニト芸ニ人間シテ師表サレル(キ尊柟デアル) 那覇市東町二生し十四オニシテ东恩纳寛量先生二師事シ中国福建省二渡リ拳術ヲ研究シ 一九三〇年剛柔流空手道ト流派名ヲ名東ルコレ日本二於ケル最初ノ流派名デ一ノル。